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A little More About Me

A little More About Me
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So...You want to know who i am eh?
Well, for those of you who thought you'd lost sight of who I always came acorss as's a brief summary. Im devoted to writing, to love and to freedom of self, enjoyed by those around me, understanding of life's grand understatements, and hopeful that there is more to come.

I've seen and felt so many things in my lifetime, that thinking about them all at once seems overwhelming...yet here I am in my final months of college, with memories of broken hearts and sounds of forgotten voices echoing through my head. I dont pretend to have any answers, and I dont pretend to know things others dont...I simply know myself, and that's enough for me.

Ive spent most of my lfie thus far figuring out who I am, and I think I've done a pretty good job. There isnt a thought in my head or a smile across my face devoted to anything or anyone ungenuine.

So there you have it..Im a senior in college, graduating in may with bright prospects for medical school and a career in  the field of neurosurgery, and I probably have no clue as to what Im getting myself into. But we'll see, there's always more to come, as I always say, and this too will become just another memory.

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